Travelling By Bus In Seville

Seville By Bus

One thing about Seville that I like is that you can get anywhere by bus. The city is served by a network of buses run by company Tussam.

Some of these go from one destination to another and some circle the city. The ones that circle the city are easily distinguished as they start with the letter C.

You have C1 & C2 buses that circle the outside of the city, the C3 & C4 circles the interior of the city and you also have the C5, C6 and C6B which circle specific parts of the interior. one on the outside of the city and one on the inside.
The C buses are great if you want to do an unofficial city tour and just sit on the bus and see everything Seville has to offer.

There is a great bus app called SeviBus that you can download from the app store or iPhone store. Although the app is in Spanish, it is very easy to use. Every bus stop has a number on it and if you find the number of your bus stop on the app you will be able to see when and what buses are due at that stop. You can then check where those buses go by clicking on Lineas and then the bus number.

Bus drivers don’t give change after 9 pm

There are various ways to pay for your bus ticket. The first is obviously cash. Single tickets cost €1.40. One thing you need to be aware of when paying for your ticket by cash is that after 9 pm bus drivers do not give change for security reasons so you need to pay the exact fare. The last thing you want to do is rock onto the bus at night with on a €20 note for a €1.40 bus ride and not get any change.

You can also pay by a Tarjeta Multiviaje that is similar to the Oyster card that is used in London. You can get the card at most kiosks and shops with a Tussam sticker at the entrance around the city. You just top it up with cash for a minimum of 10 trips.

There are two types that you can get. The first is sin transbordo where you travel on one bus without changes, the second is con transbordo where you can use more than one bus to get to your destination. Each trip costs €0.69 (sin transbordo) or €0.76 (con transbordo).

The buses are clean and comfortable and when you go to Seville why not take a bus on some of your journeys and see what the city has to offer you.

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