10 Days In Seville & Cadiz

Seville & Cadiz

A few weeks ago I thought to myself that it’s that time. The time where I need to have a bit of rest and recuperation whilst at the same time exploring somewhere that I hadn’t been before.


With this in mind I got my travel planning tools out, Kayak, Airbnb, BBC Weather app and my Monzo bank account statement 😂😂😂 and started checking out the best places for me to go. This was with a specific eye on the temperature, distance and cost.

At £10.46 per hour, my delivery drivers wages doesn’t go as far as it used to in London, so counting costs was an important aspect of my planning.

One of the good things I like about the Airbnb app is that it shows you exactly how much you are going to pay at any given time, so you can work out which time of the year is cheaper to go.

I set up a few different dates and destinations on the Kayak travel app. This way I could see the difference in prices of various flights. Getting email reminders of fluctuations in the prices was an added bonus. If you haven’t tried Kayak before why not try it by clicking here.

It’s a fantastic resource that lets you enter a range of destinations and find out the cheapest flights to and from those places. I have found in my experience that prices tend to be lowest around 60 days before departure, but that is by no means a hard and fast rule.

Choosing My Destination

Anyway down to brass tacks. Where to go and what to see? How about seven nights in Seville and three nights in Cadiz.

Downtown Seville
I have heard a lot about Seville and it’s a place that has been on my bucket list of places to visit for some time now. With Cadiz being just a couple of hours by train away I thought to myself, why not combine the two in one trip.

According to my research, Seville has so much to offer when it comes to places to see and enjoy. There is the magnificent Seville Cathedral with its many different chapels, the colossal monument that is the Plaza de Espana, the many museums as well as the nightly Flamenco shows in many places around the city.

It has a few good football stadiums to visit and many lovely places to eat delicious food.

With temperatures year-round quite high, it’s a great place to go and relax.

Cadiz being on the southern coast is much more temperate and although the temperate later in the year hovers around the mid-twenties, it is still a pleasant place to go. Again, there is lovely architecture and some fabulous museums to visit including the wonderfully colourful Museo de Titeres which is a museum full of puppets.

Time To Fly

Well now that I know where I am going, I guess it’s time to dust of the old passport, book the flights and Airbnb, top up my Monzo card and go off and have some fun.

Seville and Cadiz, look out because here I come!

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