Five Places Where You Will Live Longer

Five Places Where You Will Live Longer

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all drink from the fountain of youth and remain forever young? Well, I will let you into a little secret, it’s not happening. Don’t despair however as I have come up with a list of places where people live substantially longer than the worldwide average.

No doubt now that I have let the cat out of the bag, these five places can expect an upsurge in applications for retirement visas.

There are a few things that all these places have in common:
They have a public healthcare system that is easily accessible to everyone,
They have a culture where the elderly are valued members of the family and community.
Healthy lifestyle habits like exercise and nutrition are ingrained in their society.


Japanese women

In Japan there are now over 65,000 people who are older than 100 making it the place that has the most over 80’s in the world. A lot of this is down to a predominantly healthy diet, which includes a lot of fish, rice, tofu, soy, vegetables, and small portions.

Regular exercise in the form of morning walks, dance lessons and martial arts, as well as a love of gardening, helps the Japanese stay active and healthy.

In Okinawa, research has found that Okinawans age slower because they have a higher level of sex hormones.

In Japan, the average life expectancy is 83.6 years.

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Macau, known as the Las Vegas of China is an autonomous region on the south coast of China.
This former Portuguese colony generates vasts amounts of money from its casinos and it invests a lot of it in healthcare.

With the wealth of the country allowing people to make healthier lifestyle choices and strong family bonds which are typical of the Chinese culture, it is no wonder that people are living longer in Macau.

In Macau, the average life expectancy is 84.4 years.

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South Korea

South Korea

With a diet rich in foods that have low cholesterol level and high in fibre, it is no wonder that South Koreans live a long and healthy life.

Typical of this region, a focus on family and community values adds positivity to the daily quality of life. Today South Korea has a world-class healthcare system that offers both western and traditional treatments to its citizens.

Weekly visits to the jjimjilbang gets people socialising and acts as a stress reducer and with the Buddhist mindset of personal and spiritual development, you can see why South Koreans live longer.

In South Korea, the average life expectancy is 82.1 years.

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Famed for its Mediterranean diet, the Spanish have another secret to their longevity, the siesta.

When businesses and shops shut in the afternoon, it is commonplace for the Spanish to go home and have a long lunch in a relaxed atmosphere instead of rushing around in the standard lunch hour of many other European countries.

After having a hearty meal and an afternoon nap which according to the Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians, reduces stress and improves memory, alertness and cardiovascular performance.

With the Mediterranean diet being rich in healthy oils, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fish, its contribution to the Spanish longevity hasn’t gone unnoticed.

In Spain, the average life expectancy is 83.3 years.

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If you are a guy then Switzerland is the place you want to live as men fare better in Switzerland than anywhere else in the world, where they live on average to 83.

Being one of the worlds wealthiest countries, not only does it have high-quality healthcare, but also a strong sense of well being. Because of the country’s wealth, access to healthcare and a good diet is more readily accessible.

In Switzerland, the average life expectancy is 83.2 years.

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If you are seeking Five Places Where You Will Live Longer, then you could do a lot worse than these.


  1. I wish we had siestas in Madrid, but it’s too much of a big city to still keep those traditions:( I would give anything to be able to take a 1-2 hour nap right there at work, in a hammock or something haha! I’ve heard that Greek diets are actually healthier than Spanish!

  2. I love Switzerland… Nice list to follow. I loved the pictures and link with trip advisor. Great post.

  3. I need to share this with my family members so they know I made the right choice to stay in Asia! 3/5 countries, sweet! But yeah, I realized I ate more healthier here in. Gina, than I did back home. I walk a lot more and see elderly people dancing, playing games in the park from sun up to sun down. Nice post!

  4. 65,000 in Japan is quite a huge number. I had no clue that Spain would make it to the list. That’s interesting. Maybe after I cross 55, I’ll re-think my options of retiring. 🙂 Long way to go… Cheers!!

  5. I have always heard about Japanese that they have a healthy life style but never heard about Spain. That’s an interesting fact for my learning. Thanks

  6. Wow, such a suprise list, I didn’t know that Japan would take the number one spot. Knowing about it’s modernize cities, people can still live that longer. I’m happy that Spain entered with its favorite siesta activity! I remembered when I was young my grandpa always told me to take siesta so I’ll grow up more faster.

  7. Japan would be an awesome place to live! I was surprised to see South Korea on the list but Spain is definitely a life of less stress!

  8. I’d love to live in a country other than the UK. I’d heard about Japan’s high levels of older people before but didn’t expect the others!

  9. As I read the title of your blog Japan is the first place came to my mind but never thought that Switzerland and Spain will feature in this list too.

  10. OMG wow I think I will pick japan canon wait to visit there – I cannot wait to move to Asia from the UK. Switzerland looks incredible too.

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