Travel Tips For The Older Traveller

Travel Tips For The Older Traveller

The great man Muhammad Ali once said, “A man who views the world the same at 50 as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.”

Well whilst I can definitely say that I am much smarter now than when I was 20 and have much more “life” experience, I can also say that there are some things that are either harder for me to do or I no longer enjoy as much as when I was 20.

Travelling can at times be arduous, so here are a few tips to make things easier for the older traveller.

Best times to travel – Book early

Travelling outside of the peak June to August holiday periods is not only easier but also a lot cheaper. Booking your flight and accommodation early also works out in most cases cheaper. Use flight comparison sites like Kayak where there are price trackers of flights to your destination of choice.

Check-in for your flights online to save on last minute hassle.


Accommodation tips for the older traveller

I can say with conviction that I am a little past the backpacking hostel stage, so if I want to travel on a budget and don’t want to have the expense of a hotel or stay at a resort, then booking an Airbnb property is just the ticket.

You will find properties throughout the world and in most cases, they are much cheaper than staying in a hotel. You will also get the added benefits of some home comforts like a kitchen where you can cook your own food, local shops and easy transportation. Add to the fact that there are no expensive single supplements that tour companies charge for travellers on their own, Airbnb is a great option.

Some alternatives to Airbnb are, Flipkey, HomeAway, VRBO & HouseTrip


Travel Insurance companies tend to charge more for older travellers than they do for younger ones because as you get older, it’s just a fact that you are more likely to need some form of medical care.

There are some companies however like Benefits Alliance Travel Insurance that specialise in travel insurance for older adults.
A good tip is instead of buying insurance every time you wish to travel, buy annual multi-trip insurance as it will work out cheaper.

If you are renting a car, then book in advance and in most cases it’s cheaper to get your own collision damage waiver.

Health – Keep fit & Medication

healthy tips for travelling

Taking up a little physical activity or exercise before travelling will definitely benefit you, as travelling can sometimes be stressful. Stretching your legs by walking on a long flight will help avoid the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

If you are taking any medication, take enough with you on your trip for a few extra days, just in case of any delays. When checking in at the airport, keep it in your hand luggage.


Pack Light

Pack light for travelling

Who wants to be lugging half of their wardrobe around an airport when you don’t need to. Half of the stuff we take on holiday we don’t use anyway. Pack light. You are on holiday and most likely an adventure. Loosen the shackles of your everyday life and don’t worry about packing that extra suit or second pair of Manolo Blahniks’.

If you wear glasses, bring an extra pair for sure, but don’t overdo it with the rest of your stuff. You don’t need a different bikini for each day of your 3-week vacation.

Don’t Bring All Your Bling

Dont bring your bling

You will no doubt have built up a collection of nice jewellery, watches and other bling since your youth, but wearing them conspicuously while on holiday can make you a target for thieves that think because you are older, that you are an easier mark. Ok, so you might want to go all Steven Seagal on their ass but to be on the safe side it’s best to keep your bling to a minimum.

And finally Be Adventurous

You are on holiday, the worst thing you can do is stay stuck inside your all-inclusive resort every day for 2 weeks and not see the country you are visiting.

Give a little back to the country, go out for lunch or dinner at a local restaurant. Leave stuff that you don’t need behind to help a local. If you have any extra currency that is going to cost you more than it’s worth to change back up then why not leave it behind, tip the maid that has helped make your holiday great.

Be an Ethical Adventurer, after all, travelling is not just for the young bloods.



  1. very informative post – im sure many will benefit from this

  2. Great tips! I hope I can still keep traveling when I’m older:) Good point about the Airbnb, never thought about that. Will have to tell my parents about these suggestions!

  3. That picture on ‘bling’ is so funny… Reminds me of how people travel with everything they can on and with them. I agree with the bit on travelling light – not only is it easy and convenient, but saves money too.

  4. Hahha I love that “Pack light” but wth the Henessy bottle, last night I was watching some Cruise episodes and there was this old man being in vacation in cruise for almost 80 years that’s amazing, and he does pack light I could see his simplicity, you couldn’t even say that he’s that rich.for that bling bling? I totally agree! nice tips

  5. Great tips and information, some of your photos were hilarious – nice read. I travel with so much junk I think I should prob try and travel lighter.

  6. Some great tips for travellers of all age, not just the older generation! love reading this 🙂

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