What is a Silver Surfer?

Silversurfers is the term widely used in the UK, Australia and some other English speaking countries to describe people who are aged over 50 and who use the internet on a frequent basis.

Why have I decided to create this website silversurfertraveller.com? Well as well as chronicling my and other peoples travels over the years I have noticed that the majority of the information, resources and advertising in the travel industry is aimed at the so called younger adults as well as their families and there is not so much aimed at the more mature adults.

This website is my attempt to try and redress that imbalance and create a place where older travellers can gain inspiration, knowledge and the resources to enable them to travel the world, safely and with confidence.

What you will find here are not only reviews of places that I and others have been to but also recommended destinations for all tastes and budgets along with the resources such as flights, travel insurers and other niche products that cater to the Silver Surfer Traveller.
I hope that you find this website useful and realise that it is never too late to enjoy the wonderful and varied destinations and cultures that this world has to offer


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