A view of Stonehenge

A- Z Of Places To Visit In The UK

In 2019 the world as we know it changed. A mysterious virus appeared originally in China and quickly spread around the world, massively disrupting not only travel but also day-to-day life.

As someone that loves travelling and writing about my experiences abroad, this left me with very few options when it came to quenching my thirst for travel.

Over the ensuing months, I decided to explore the country that I live in and decided to do it by going through the alphabet and choosing places to visit from A – Z.

I wrote down a list of places starting with A is for Arundel and plan on writing about my experiences and the best things to do in each place that I visit.

If anyone knows of places to go in England beginning with the letters X and Z please let me know and I will add them to the list.

In the meantime, it will be great if you can follow my A-Z journey of places to visit in England, both here and also on my Youtube Channel.

Stay Safe and happy travelling.

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