The Crystal & Glass Museum in Malaga

As La Colina is just a few stops by train from Malaga Centro station I decided to go into town for the day. My plan was to find somewhere interesting to visit, have a nice lunch before taking a leisurely stroll around and then coming back to La Colina for dinner.

Before I left England, I had put together a list of places that I thought would be interesting to visit whilst in Spain and one of those places was a little place called the Crystal & Glass Museum.

Google maps direction to Glass & Crystal museum Malaga

With the train station viewable from my apartment window and only 5 minutes walk away, I put 1.80 euros in the ticket machine and hopped on the train for the 7 stops to Malaga Centro.

Coming out of the station I saw some interesting street art on this building. Malaga certainly has a taste for the unusual.

Garffiti art in Malaga

It took me just over 10 minutes to walk to the museum and I paid the very reasonable 6 euros entry fee.

Although I wouldn’t call it a museum in the conventional sense like the nearby Museo Picasso or Carmen Thyssen, nonetheless the quality of its curated content is remarkable.

Crystal & Glass Museum display

Located in a carefully and lovingly restored 18th-century house at Plazuela Santísimo Cristo de la Sangre, 2, 29012, the Crystal and Glass museum includes a private collection of many glass exhibits along with pictures, furniture and other decorative pieces that belonged to previous generations of the family of the owners of the museum.

I arrived just in time to tag onto another tour in front of me that was being shown round by a very captivating guide who had a wonderful way of recounting the history of many of the objects that were on display.

Apparently, our guide was a former doctor from St Thomas hospital in London who retired to Spain and now provides tours at the museum. A Funny fact that I found out during the tour was that he worked there at the same time as my mum in the 60s.

Our guide at the crystal & glass museum

I would highly recommend a visit to the Crystal and Glass museum as I found it fascinating hearing about the history of many of the pieces on display.

If you are in town and plan on visiting, then I would make a note of a few tips.

Stay with your guide at all times and don’t sit on the furniture or touch the display pieces.
Don’t bring food or drink in or smoke on the premises.
Taking photos is allowed but don’t use a flash.

After leaving I took a short stroll through the back alleys to Tormes restaurant just across from the Museo Picasso at Calle San Agustin 13, 29015 Malaga and enjoyed a delicious lunch of Paella and a beer while listening to a busker playing with a flamenco singer.

Walking back to Malaga Centro on a full stomach, it felt like a day well spent.


  1. Super cooL! I’ve not been to Malaga, but it sounds like a lot of fun. Glass work is so impressive – a totally underrated art form, and one I can’t imagine mastering. Thanks for this 🙂

  2. I love reading new blogs and finding inspiration for travel opportunities in Europe and now Malaga is on the list!!

  3. I love glass work. I find it really fascinating. A trip to Spain has always been on my list. Maybe the Glass Museum in Malaga will be another reason to go there. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I’ve never been to Malaga – I’m not such a huge Spain-fan. But there are certainly great museums to be visited and the glass museum seems to be one of them. It’s amazing what fantastic art is made of glass – I’ve discovered that only over the last years.

  5. What an interesting type of museum! I wonder why it is in Malaga, is that city especially known for its glasswork? Either way its nice to see an alternative to a typical museum!

    1. I am not really sure why they located it in Malaga, other than the fact that it is the home of the descendants.

  6. Lovely curated glassware. Will def visit when I go to Malaga.

  7. Love glass scuptures, glass blowing and glass art in all forms so this museum would be so very cool! Putting Malaga on our “to visit” list now for our next visit to Spain.

  8. This glass art looks amazing and so colourful! I love finding these little places, you never know what you will see.

  9. Wow this is an interesting find! I haven’t visited Malaga yet, or Spain for that matter. But this little museum sure sounds like an amazing place to spend an afternoon. I loved the glass work in Venice, so would love to check this out one day.

  10. Interesting museum. I love how small the world is and how we meet people who are connected to us in some way wherever we travel in the world!!

  11. I like glass artists. Was once able to see them at work, looks really interesting. I was thinking to have a documentary about them.

  12. I love seeking out the little museums. Such a small world that your mom worked in the same hospital. I love how we are all connected.

  13. I could have never thought that something like this could also exist here… looks something unique to give a visit

  14. Wow what a unique museum! I remember seeing glass being blown when I was a child and found it fascinating! Definitely a museum I’d enjoy I think

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