What Is Blogtober

What is Blogtober?

October blog writing challenge

Blogtober – Day 1

What is it with the month of October? It seems to bring out the competitive spirit in everyone. Check online and you will find Podtober, Runtober, Inktober, Swimtober, any kind of Tober and you will find it in October. Challenges where people agree to do something everyday in the month of October, in most cases to better their lives, or at least have fun along the way.
Blogtober is where bloggers post a new blog post for every day of the month of October.

Why take part?

Essentially I am taking part in Blogtober because not only do I like a challenge, but it also gives me the chance to improve my writing skills thereby allowing me to be able to communicate better with you my readers. After all, what’s the point in having a blog if you are not in touch with your readers.

What are the rules?

There are no rules to Blogtober other than creating new content every day of the month. That means bloggers can get as creative as they want to with their posts.

Who else is taking part?

Here are some other travel bloggers in no particular order who are taking part in the Blogtober Challenge. Why not visit their web sites and give them some love. 💘
Alex of Better Together Home at  www.bettertogetherhome.com
Katie of Creative Travel Guide at www.creativetravelguide.com
Eliza of Digital Travel Guru www.digitaltravelguru.com
Helene of HC Lifestyle Blog at www.helenechoo.com
Heraa of H F Tours at www.hftours.com
Noel of Ten Thousand Strangers at www.tenthousandstrangers.com
Aditi of Lyf and Spice at www.lyfandspice.com
Neha of Travel Quartz at www.travelquartz.com
Lexi of Lexi Anime Travel at www.lexieanimetravel.com
Teýa of Executive Travel Assistant at www.etravelasst.com
Tyra of Too Chinese For U at  www.toochineseforu.com
Rahat of Travel Trivago at www.traveltrivago.com
Kimberly of Far Sickness Traveler at www.farsicknesstraveler.com
So now you know what Blogtober is, why not follow me throughout October and read and comment on my articles.
Here is wishing you a happy, healthy and funny October.

Comments (12)

So true about the competitiveness of the season! Think everyone recovers from the relaxing summer months and suddenly want a challenge 🙂 looking forward to having you in the challenge!

October sounds like a really exciting and full of challenges month. Looking forward to your posts 🙂

Hi Michael , great to have you here, looking forward for the posts this october !

Thanks Michael for joining this challenge with the group, I am sure it is going to be fun and so glad we all have each other for support. Look forward to your posts throughout the month of October and wishing you the best of luck with it,

Great motivation for joining the challenge!:D can’t wait to see what you come up with. Fellow gunner here!!:D

Woah I so love that humous about October 🙂 we’re ready to sail!

Wish you all the best.. and to me too. 😉 Cheers!!

Looking forward to blogging with you, Silver Surfer Traveller. Cheers for Blogtober!

can’t wait to read all your posts this month! Blogtober is the best way to get into good writing habits!

its awesome to have a group of bloggers do something together like this and connect more ! can’t wait to read more of your posts

Lol the competitiveness of October is so true! It seems it’s because everyone realizes the year is almost over so they feel the need to do something haha. Or maybe because winter is coming! Looking forward to blogging with you!

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