top 10 hotels in madrid

The 10 Best Hotels In Madrid

Madrid is a city full of wonderful places to go, things to do and sights to see. I have spent quite a few lovely days, weekends and weeks in Madrid and finding the right hotel I found was always the best starting point.
I have compiled a list in no particular order of what I feel are the 10...

Recipes from five continents

A Taste Of Five – Recipes From Five Continents

A Taste Of Five - Recipes From Five Continents

Jollof Rice, Chicken & Plantain - Africa

Now anyone who knows me, knows that I just love my Nigerian food and king of all Nigerian food is none other than Jollof Rice. Jollof rice so entrenched in Nigerian foodology that...

La Rochelle Harbour Tower At Night

Why I Love La Rochelle

La Rochelle

La Rochelle is a city located in Western France and seaport on the Bay of Biscay. It is a beautiful place that I have been to many times and here are a few reasons why I love it.

It's Easy To Reach.

With La Rochelle - Ile de Re Airport being just over 2 km...