Food experience at a local restaurant in Porto

“Petiscos” & Tips – Porto Food Experience

Porto Food Tour With A Difference

I love my food. Food for me should be an experience, not just something for survival's sake. That's one of the reasons that anytime I travel I like to find out as much as I can about the local cuisine.

From La Bandera of the Dominican Republic...

Street Art In Porto

Normally when I travel anywhere I don't tend to go on tours. Instead, I prefer to do a little research online and see places on my own schedule. This time in Porto however, I saw a trip that really interested me. It was a walking tour of the city, with the emphasis on viewing much of the street...

Porto Here I Come!

So I decided to take my first trip to Porto as I have heard so many positive things about the place.

I got out the good old Kayak app and found a great deal for a return flight from London Stansted to Porto for £44. That's cheaper than going by train to Manchester and back! Although the only...