European City Break Destinations – Reykjavik

European City Break Destinations – Part 2 Reykjavik Following on from the first of my European City Break Destinations series, Barcelona, in part 2, I discover the Icelandic gem that is Reykjavik. REYKJAVIK For a city with a population of just over 120,000, Reykjavik is pretty small compared to many European capitals. What it lacks […]

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Barcelona city view

European City Break Destinations – Barcelona

European City Break Destinations – Part 1 Barcelona Taking a city break is a great way of exploring that city’s history and culture over a short period of time.I have put together a list of some amazing European destination breaks, with information of things to do and see as well as hotels to stay in. […]

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Cayo Levantado Hotel Review

Hotel Review – Cayo Levantado

Hotel Review – The Luxury Bahia Principe, Cayo Levantado I have been lucky enough to have travelled to many countries throughout the world and during that time have stayed in many different places. One country that I always love going back to is the Dominican Republic. Not long ago I decided to take a trip […]

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Carnival In The Dominican Republic

Carnival in The Dominican Republic Carnival in The Dominican Republic is celebrated, and I mean celebrated across the country throughout February. It is thought that Carnival started when the Christian slave owners allowed their slaves to have a celebration once a year after Christmas. Initially, it was considered by the slave owners to be a […]

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Five Places Where You Will Live Longer

Five Places Where You Will Live Longer Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all drink from the fountain of youth and remain forever young? Well, I will let you into a little secret, it’s not happening. Don’t despair however as I have come up with a list of places where people live substantially longer […]

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Travel tips for older adults

Travel Tips For The Older Traveller

Travel Tips For The Older Traveller The great man Muhammad Ali once said, “A man who views the world the same at 50 as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.” Well whilst I can definitely say that I am much smarter now than when I was 20 and have much […]

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Christmas gift ideas for travellers

Gift Ideas For Every Traveller

Gift Ideas For Every Traveller Regardless of whether you travel just once or twice a year on your annual vacation, travel frequently for business or are a travel blogger, we have some great gift ideas for you. You don’t even have to wait until December, just give your significant other a nudge and a wink […]

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